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Step 7: Ensure the Child that Your Love is UnconditionalLet your child know that your love is unconditional and even if he misbehaves, your love for him will not change. But this doesn't mean that he can carry over his misbehavior. It is your responsibility as a parent to correct and guide your child properly. The way you do this also makes a difference. Never blame or criticize him, instead tell him in such a way that he knows that even if you expect better next time, your love is still there for him. Read more »In a 1999 study by York University, patience topped the list of skills parents thought they needed and impatience was the No.

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It’s known as “cucumber water” because of its nearly nonexistent taste. Unfortunately I had neglected to charge my phone overnight, so I couldn’t take any photos as I toured Kiel’s old town and wandered around some side streets. Nor can I share any aww makers as we picked up a Lassie lookalike dog and walked around a “kleingartensiedlung”. It’s a neighbourhood of “garden houses”, like Canadian cottages but inside a city neighbourhood, with park like paths between them. We walked the dog through a forest and out along a rocky “dog beach”, designed for dog walking, but amusingly there was a dogless couple sitting in the middle of it having a romantic picnic. I wonder whose idea that was. Shopman dropped me off at the nearest U bahn subway station on his way to work, and I found my way to the town centre. I had a snack of “Bismarckherring fischbrötchen”, a pickled herring on a bun, which included my first piece of lettuce since entering the northern German ground zero of “EHEC” – the e. coli superbug outbreak happening around this time. Some had warned me to not eat any vegetables, while others had said it was just bean sprouts to avoid. I don’t worry too much about these outbreaks, at least relatively the chances of death by traffic are far greater, but I did avoid salad for a few days.